Projects - Local

A. Customer - Solid Green Consulting 

Location - Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Date - July 2016

Solution - Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceilings - 

Board Room - Ecophit Graphite 600 x 600 Radiant tile

Solution  - Customised Radiant Metal Heating and Cooling Canopy

Offices - Lindner Gmbh - Customised Metal Canopy Metal Cassette Canopy - with Integrated LED lighting


B. Customer - Private Client

Location - Monaghan Farm Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Date - Jan 2009

Solution -  - Rotex Gmbh Integrated Hot Water with Underfloor Water Heating - A Solar drain back system with 6 x 2.35 sqm thermal collectors with 2 x 500 Sanicube thermal Stores and 200 square  metres of underfloor wate heaing in a 550 square metre house. Current electricity bill of R2500 in winter and R850 in summer. 

#Underfloor water heating

C. Customer - Fairmont Hotel - 1500 bedrooms

Location - Dubai, Middle East

Date - November 2016

Solution - Haase Gmbh - Hot Water Thermal Stores 

Middle East - November 2016 - #ThermalHotWaterStore

D. Customer - Private Client

Location - Bluehill Hills Country Estate Midrand 

Date - Being Installed

Solution - Rotex Gmbh - Integrated Heat Pump with Hot Water Thermal Store with underfloor water heating and Hot Water. 


The first part of the Integrated Hot Water with Underfloor Water Heating and Fancoil coooling in BlueHills Country Estate - the insulated MLP pipe attached to the mesh waiting for the slab to be thrown. The Indoor Thermal Store is being installed in the scullery 

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