3. Smart Water Management with Remote Control.  

  A. Smart Fully Programmable and Remotely Operated 


    1.0 The Smart Valve has the following features:- 

      a.Fully Programmable - it can be progammable locally to open and

        close automatically as well as opening to certain angle.

      b.Remote Control - the valve can be integrated into a BMS or

        control system and be operated remotely.

      c.Alert Service - the valve when operating with send a Whatsapp 

        or Telegram message to notify the change in Status.

      d.The Concentrator can read Kamstrup meters and can also close

        and open the Valve when a leak or burst alarm is issued by the meter.

      e. The Smart Valve comes in the following Sizes: Stand Alone with    

        battery power:- DN25 to DN80mm

                                DN100 to DN250mm with local power.

   A Smart DN80 Valve has been installed in a local Shopping centre where a the Centre could not     

   find the leaks as most of the larger supply pipes had been cast into the concrete floor.  The   

   Monthly Water bill was averaging over R250 000-00. A DN80mm Smart Valve was installed an

   was programmed to turn off at 7-00pm and re-opened at 5-00am. The monthly bill was reduced 

   by R65 000-00 and the valve cost R85 000-00 giving a payback of 2 months and over 

   R750  000-00 per year which is being used ot surface mount all the piping. 

  Please see below a Video showing the Smart Valve operating in the

   Shopping Centre.  



B. Smart Kamstrup Water Meters

 The Kamtrup Smart Water Meter with the following features:-

  1. Ultrasonic measuremnt with no moving parts

  2. Battery Life 16 Years

  3. Large display with Warning Alerts

  4. Fully Submersible - IP68

  5. Can be used with the latest version to locate leaks

  6. Alerts:- The Meter give the following alerts under certain conditions. 

    a. Burst - Full Flow

    b. Leak - no stationary water 

    c. Tamper - if the body is opened

    d. Dry - No Water in the the Meter

    e. Reverse flow - if the water is being drained from the meter. 

Kamstrup MULTICAL21 Best cold