4. Customised Commercial Thermal Stores.

In-Direct or Pressureless Hot Water Thermal Stores - The Haase Gmbh range and Rotex 


The Hot water solutions are based on indirect "Thermal Stores”. An "Ïndirect Thermal Store” has an insulated  vessel in which fresh water is stored at atmospheric pressure and this water is pumped through the heat source such as a Gas boiler, Heat Pump. Installed inside the Thermal Store are Stainless Steel Heat Exchanges which are used to transfer the energy stored in the water to the buildings hot water system. The number of heat exchangers are determined by the required hot water flow rate and energy required for the hot water system. 

The major advantages of the Thermal Store are:-

1. The vessel is pressureless thus having an 25 year Engineered Life

2. The Heat recovery from the Thermal Store is 90% where as conventional Steel tanks is around 70%

3. The Thermal Store can be built onsite thus reducing lifting of the Store and built inside the building

4. The Heat Loss from the GRP for the larger Stores and Polypropylene for the smaller range, is less than 1Kwh per       day whereas for Steel tanks is can be upto 5 to 6Kwh per day.

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4 x 6650 litre Tanks 

One Of the Major Benefits of the Haase Thermal Stores is its ability to be built-onsite