5. Customised Radiant Heating and Cooling

The Lindner Customised Metal Radiant Heating and Coolng Ceilings - 


The Human Body generates a 100 watt and uses Radiant energy as the primary method to expel this heat.  Thus the Human body responds to Radiant Heating and Cooling four times better than the other methods of energy transfer namely, conductive, evaporative and convective. Thus using Radiant energy to heat and cool occupants of 

Radiant ceilings form part of a system which consists of the following:

   1. Radiant Ceiling

   2. Fresh Air System 

   3. Heat Pump/Chiller

   4. Piping system to connect the Radiant Ceiling to the Heat Pump Chiller

   5. Control system with solenoid valves operated by Room Thermostats.

The ceilings can be open as well as closed and come in four main generic forms:-

   A. "Closed Metal Tile Grid Type Ceiling” - comprising of metal tiles with supporting grid structure

Acess to the ceiling void is guaranteed as well as not having the ceiling tile left on the floor. 

B. Closed or "Continuos Type Ceiling” - A plaster board ceiling


C. Open "Baffle Type Ceiling" - Using Metal Beams with perforations and internal piping attached to 

     a sub structure frame.

   D. "Canopy Type Ceiling" - A Metal Canopy tile attached to the Ceiling