There are numerous industries that use large amounts of water due to the processes that the carry one such is food production where there is regulated hygienic cleaning cycles required which adds chemicals to the effluent discharged. 

These users are Classified as “Industrial Effluent Customers” who require a permit to discharge the effluent.  The effluent is monitored on a month basis by taking samples. There are limits for many of the elements that make up the Effluent such sa BOD, COD, PH, and which if exceeded a fine is levied based on a repair cost and quantity of effluent used. This can be unto R2million rand per 6 months. 

This large costs can be reduced by Monitoring and Measuring the Effluent. If you want to reduce your industrial effluent bill please contact the Techbutler on the last page #ReduceIEbill 

When the Usage is monitored in Realtime there are huge savings to be made. #guaranteedredcution

Realtime Online Industrial Effluent Monitoring and Management