4.Realtime Management of Office  Environments, Water and Electricity #ROMMOE 

The Energy used by Offices around the World used to consume over 40% of the Worlds Electricity generated. This has been drastically reduced to various factors one of which is Covid and work from Home. Most of the energy used is for heating and cooling and using Air conditioners which used air to transmit the energy. The office Environment is not usually the most comfortable or Thermal Comfort levels, as there is normally open plan offices and factors such a Radiant heating through the windows, hot bodies that are not considered.

Thus it is critical to monitor the environment as it will increase the productivity of the users by monitoring firstly the energy used with Smart Devices. Office Toilets were the number one uses of water in the Johannesburg area and also need to be monitored for usage and leaks.

In addition to this the following needs to be monitored:-

1. Light levels and Colour of light

2. The Co2 - Carbon Dioxide levels which is critical 

3. Radiant Heating and Cooling

4. Air Temperatures 

5. Noise Levels.

6. Occupancy Levels.

7. VOC - for Toxicity.



Shown is the measurement of Co2 which if the levels are too high in the Office there not be enough oxygen and the occupants will start to feel tired.